The trendsetting innovation

in sun protection and shade

to enjoy the 'Best of Sun'

The Future: photo-biological harness of sun to meet needs worldwide

HelioVital's aims are high

HelioVital's vision is to be the leading Life-Sience-Company of sun filter technologies for photo-biological use of natural and artifical sunlight . As mastermind HelioVital will set impulses in field of life style, medical wellness and medical device.

Sunlight was the essential power for the evolution of all living systems and is responsible to regulate life, its health and its quality on earth. Almost all living organism on earth cannot ‘directly’ survive without light. Sun light is the original energy source for all micro- and macro-ecosystems. Humans, animals and plants contain special but very sensitive mechanisms that allow them to convert the different wavelengths of sunlight. Sunlight warms the Earth, triggers key biological functions like the photosynthesis which plants need to generate food or e.g. the synthesis of Vitamin D in the skin of humans. But special wavelengths of the sun could harm the organism. These harmful wavelengths as well as the individual sensitiveness to natural light increase in consequence of human influence upon ecosystems, which cause to more and more unknown interactions. Living organisms have to be protected exactly from these harmful sunrays but without reducing or stopping the essential powerful wavelengths and without polluting the environment or causing further interactions.

In the technical field we have learned to harness this power of sun and transform to electricity. Up to now, there was no effective way to harness sunlight to create life-energy to meet our biological needs.

'Helios' (Greek) means sun

'Vital' means essential for (quality of) life

HelioVital ® is the brand for health beneficial using of sunlight

Sun up your life®

is not only a slogan, it demonstrate our philosophy.

Klaus Lang

LANG Industrieservice GmbH