The trendsetting innovation

in sun protection and shade

to enjoy the 'Best of Sun'

HelioVital At a Glance

Filtration and Regulation of Sun Light

HelioVital filters out and regulates single wavelengths of sunlight, before harmful wavelenght can damage skin or cause side effects. One can enjoy the 'Best of Sun' and the health related benefits from sunlight with peace of mind. Basking in sun with HelioVital means:

The awarded trendsetting suncreen innovation HelioVital is a dermatological tested selective sun filter technology.

Profit from wolrdwide unique reliable and proven 4-way features:

  • high efficient sun protection
  • hallthy and vitalizing tanning
  • transparent, anyway cooler comfort level shade
  • ecofriendly and health beneficial

High efficient sun protection

Effectiveness scientifically proven and recommended by dermatologists !

HelioVital blocks harmfull rays of the sunlight with nanometer accuracy, which are the major causes of

skin cancer


premature skin aging

sun allergy reaction

increased production of free radicals

and mitigates the sun's heat

before this bad rays ping on human skin, hair and eyes and harm.

Innovation for more quality of life

Health beneficial bask in the sun !

HelioVital regulates the sunlight and generates a comfort level of sunbathing.

HelioVital filters use the bio positive, vitalizing, performance enhancing and tanning power of the sun for therapies, cosmetic or medical treatments, rehabilitation, recreation, vitalisation, good looks, increased attractiveness, anti-stress and anti-aging.

A current scientific study made at the University of Tuebingen, Germany, even provides evidence of high effciency protection from mutations of the mitochondrial DNA in skin cells, generated by UVA rays!

Perfect Indulgence

Tanning witout risks for all type of skin!

HelioVital regulates the sunlight for and protects all types of skin without allergenic and polluting substances.

HelioVital is suitable for all types of skin - Not only normal but also very sensitive skin or skin prone to allergy.

The effectiveness of HelioVital is allready tested and proven by leading dermatologists from the Universities of Tuebingen/Germany and Graz/Austria.

HelioVital meets the high standards as a medical device product already!!!!!

NO Allergene

"Intelligent cleaned light"

HelioVital films with its unique selective filtration filter out the dangerous and damaging invisible UVA and UVB rays from sunlight before they reach and harm human skin, hair and eyes. HelioVital minimizes allergies and reduces sunrays causing hypersenitivity, side-effects and interactions.HelioVital meets the special reqquirements and safety for packaging food and medical device. So there is filtered out the primary energy for allergies and there are no additional substances to get allergies or side-effects.

No greasy sunscreens

Tanning without sun-block lotions!

HelioVital films are effective instantly.There is no waiting time as recommended for some cosmetic sunscreen. No prior apply and re-apply of messy cosmetic sunscreen is needed, therefore no side effects such as hormonal influences can be derived from them.

Intelligent sun shade

Sun bathing without sweat!

HelioVital reduces IR-rays to bring the temperature down. Cooler shade allows you to enjoy the biopositive, vitalizing and tanning sunrays without the risks of heatrelated illnesses or fatique.

HelioVital brings the sweating down and generates a comfort level. Thus, you benefit agreeable from the healthy, curative and regulative natural power of the sun.

Curative sun light

Therapies using HelioMedical !

HelioVital is also seen an optimal resource for a medical practitioner who uses the bio-positive healthy sunlight for high efficient naturopathic treatments of skin, chronic and mental diseases. This means e.g. therapies offered at the Dead Sea could be met with HelioMedical superb qualities anywhere in the world in the future. Our focus in R+D is to meet the medical authorisation processes for treatment of skin diseases like atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and vitiligo.


No damage to ecosystem !

HelioVital is a green technology and has absolutely no negative effect on the ecosystem. The HelioVital® filter consits only of raw materials that can be considered unobjectionable according to available scientific datas, are recyclable and safe to the ecosystem. No risks to damage the ecosystem or the water of the pool like sunscreen ingredients, Latest studies show, that smallest traces of sunscreen ingredients badly damage the ecosystem, for example they make water snails infertile or they rapidly and completely bleach hard corals. Because most suntan lotions or sunscreens are proved to damage the marine flora and to kill fish, their usage is no longer permitted in various tourist destinations, for example, in Mexico at Xel-Há or Xcarnet. HelioVital protects nature and humans equally.